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What we stand for:

Our Mission:

  • Assist
  • Develop
  • Enable

Our Orientation:

  • Systemic
  • Humanistic
  • Clear

coordination with and involvement of the client in a common team.
We see ourselves as part of the best possible team for the client’s needs: belonging to this team, ahead of the external assistant, is the client himself.
Client + external, independent assistant working together for an appropriate solution.

...regarding the issue and the person. We orient ourselves according to the well-being of the client, fairness, the client’s development and his success. And we are fascinated by working with people – both as groundwork, to also be able to make a contribution to those in need. For that, we will gladly bend over backwards from time to time.

a sincere encounter with people is for us both incentive and reward. More important than being understood is to understand. In order to achieve this, we work in depth with our clients in order to consistently come to a common understanding and goal. „We serve“ is both our duty and pleasure. according to our understanding:
Goal orientation:We work on commonly agreed upon goals
Dedication: Solutions are not always immediately apparent, rather they often have to be worked upon. In clearly structured, systematically developed processes.
We make ourselves superfluous: conserve resources – avoid dependencies – results with possibilities that transfer
Experience: no single person can do everything at com motus – we have minds at our disposal with the most varied of backgrounds, and we bring them together for the client’s benefit

Are personalities that possess experience and have the ability to speak frankly

- dedicated
- self-reflective & level-headed
- entrepreneurial in thought and deed
- confident
- responsible & attentive
- free in spirit, opinion and decision making

At com motus, the client should never feel pressured, rather he should always feel welcome!
We pay more attention to the best possible fulfillment of the client’s expectations rather than to competition.
We do not believe that everyone has been waiting for com motus to come along, but we do gladly offer our approach and convictions as an alternative.

It is the client, not the wish of the company – it is the client’s everyday life and not the newest, loudest method – it is the contracting company’s culture and people, not theories that have been brought along.

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