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Conflict Management

"The origin of all conflicts between me and my fellow human being is that I do not say what I mean and do not do what I say."
(Martin Buber (1878-1965) Jewish Philosopher)

Mediation (literally: procuration) is a procedure to solve conflicts that has its roots in the U.S.A.. This refers to the intervention in clashes by impartial external mediators who is accepted by all involved parties. Goal of the mediation is an amicable, conjointly worked out solution in which the disputing parties succeed without anyone being conquered.

Thus no verdict or judgement is made by the mediator. He is neither judge nor "blame finder", but supports and accompanies the work to a stable shared solution. This constructive conflict solving can even have a chance when the arguing parties find themselves in a dead end and feel that to proceed or even share thoughts is not possible. That is why "Mediation" as a result of similar approaches can be considered the "kings discipline of coaching" as two persons or parties find a solution through their own responsibility with the support of a mediator.

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