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Management diagnostics is based upon a combination of several instruments. We use the complex testing intsrument Profilizer from our partner company L&D Support (Amsterdam and Hamburg) that has been specially developed for these kinds of professional uses. You can expect specific Delta Analyses that will compare the individual profile of a person with the desired profile for a position (which we develop together ahead of time). The evaluation is based upon a catalogue of questions that is online and can be filled out in the following languages, among others: German, English, French and Dutch. The results are then interpreted in a personal talk between our experienced Profilizer Coach and the client because, "The truth is not held within the resulting document, rather arises within a discussion of interpretation."

Occupational Areas

Of particular meaning to us is a very positively oriented handling of the management diagnostics’s instruments. These can open doors – and if necessary – identify the rest of the path and help to leave behind dead ends. Learn more about our philophy here. Marcus Harun regarding experiences with the Profilizer, "It is fascinating to see how often so much unsuspected potential is identifiable in people. That motivated me to further expand the business area of management diagnostics and to make it useful for our partners."

High quality management diagnostics requires both a combination of various instruments and a flexible approach. The ideal combination depends on the set of tasks upon which we confer with you. Within the context of personal career counseling, for example, it would be advisable to choose a different approach as when dealing with the structured formation and qualification of a team or the personnel selection for managerial responsibility.

Exemplary approaches are, among others:

Process of personnel selection
Development and Orientation Center
Coaching and Career Assistance / Counseling
Team Formation
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