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Personnel Selection

Selection procedures for (potential) colleagues or those already employed in the company…

through observation of participants’ behavior and achievements.
with simulations, tests and case studies
for conclusions regarding skills, personality characteristics and potential.

com motus initiates multi-leveled and interdisciplinary procedures by which we place great value on being as close to reality as possible. This requires extremely close cooperation with the client.

And: multiple, observed, unrealistic stress scenarios, cold power games and common in-baskets are not part of our work approach! We believe that by doing this, we would gain fewer usable impressions than when we employ our preferred approach, in which the candidate is taken seriously and is offered a respectful and, to the greatest extent possible, an authentic working environment. Then he has the chance to truly show himself.

What remains clear through all of this: even a seriously and responsibly created AC / DC is not reality! But: You achieve better results regarding prognosis quality and precision while selecting and assessing colleagues than you would with other procedures.

Personnel selection with com motus means:

  • Respect and responsibility for candidates
  • Working on a level playing field
  • Best possible relevance to the reality of a candidate’s job
  • Rejection of artificially created stress
  • Understandability and comparability through a commonly (with the client) created criteria catalogue and behavioral anchors
  • Strict focus on the separation between observation and judgment
  • Transparency
  • Comprehensive feedback in dialogue at the end of each project
  • When possible, observation in “mixed” teams: perspective from the inside and outside

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