Process of understanding through clear aims

"He who believes he does not need others, becomes unbearable."
Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues (1715-47) French author

Facilitation is the versatile focused directing of group discussion. With help of trained com motus moderators one can come to a quicker understanding that can be carried out together. Thus without wasting time and with all parties involved one can work effectively in the group - but without a hurried conclusion.

Facilitation is not:

  • to be confused with presentation of television or radio programmes
  • just a voicing of opinions
  • a tedious debate with no clear result

Facilitation is:

directed at Groups of aprox. 10 to 40 people, who wish to come a common career goal through a consequently led discussion. Therefore a hurried false solution is avoided by the presence of the moderator who respectfully observes the process from different points of view.

Facilitation works with:

  • clear goals
  • agreed upon rules for the discussion
  • visualising of goals
  • structure
  • interaction
  • drama techniques
  • respectful and worthwhile communication
  • empathy and humour

A conclusive photo document is presented to each member, in which the records of all discussions in all phases has been taken down.

com motus is at your disposal for both the moderation of discussions and for the training of moderators.

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