Where money, time, ideas and hopes are put into such measures, particularly close attention needs to be paid to the evaluation of the intended benefits – both for the participants and for the company.

Many years of experience in human resources development have, though, shown us: rarely is attention paid to evaluation and the continuous improvement of such programs.

We support you in the quality assurance of your human resources development as proven expert for conceptual design and methodology: “International German Training Prize 2009” in a conceptual project with our partner DEKRA.

You can count on…

  • Observational methods in schoolings / trainings / seminars
    • To establish a status quo
    • To explore the need for action
    • And for further professionalization
  • Supervision and coaching of human resources managers
  • Certification procedures with an accredited seal of quality

With high acceptance on the part of the target group as a result of…

Understandable, commonly agreed upon criteria and behavioral anchors
Close coordination and transparency
Focus on behavior rather than identity
Feedback approach instead of judgment
Rejection of the demand for benchmarks and formulas
Approach to Work
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