Recognize the profile - strengthen strengths

ascertains characteristics of persons or groups in regard to a responsibility or occupation. They are often referred to as "soft factors" – termed "soft skills". We have specialized in attaining precise, scientifically based findings regarding such characteristics, which go above and beyond where certificates and letters of recommendation leave off.

The attainment of these findings is thus not aimed toward knowledge or what has been learned, rather, what makes a person unique (your colleague, your trainee, your applicant, your superior):

  • Where do strengths and talents lie?
  • What potential has not yet been utilized?
  • Which tasks match the personality – and which do not?

The findings fulfill their purpose, or rather answer questions, in a company – for example, in order to find personalities fitting a certain job definition. We can:

  • Describe the necessary soft skills for an occupation,
  • Determine to what degree the candidate possesses these skills and
  • Recommend where development or qualification could be necessary.

In addition to this, on the basis of real workforce data, we target suitable occupations for persons within their own personal area of mobility.

"We make ourselves superfluous": regarding all tasks involved in management diagnostics, com motus as your external partner, can either

  • take over management diagnostics for you or
  • supply your company with all necessary knowledge to implement testing.

In this way, it is possible for you to utlize external expertise and/or expand your skill in this field step-by-step. Thus you can independently implement all necessary instruments and procedures in your company, if desired.

Management diagnostics is based upon a combination of several instruments. We use the complex testing intsrument Profilizer from our partner company L&D Support (Amsterdam and Hamburg) that has been specially developed for these kinds of professional uses. You can expect specific Delta Analyses that will compare the individual profile of a person with the desired profile for a position (which we develop together ahead of time).

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